4x4 trip & A stay in a borda

4x4 trip & A stay in a borda

Enjoy a trip in a 4x4 after resting in the Borda Xicos!

Meet the guide at the Valle de Incles. The guide will take us to the Borda Xicos, where we will receive a welcoming drink while the following day’s activity is explained to us.

We dine and sleep in the Borda Xicos.

The guide collects us the following day to take us by 4x4 on a safari along mountain tracks to see marmots and observe the birds which are characteristic of high mountains.
After visiting the orri or milking-pen/dairy (a stone compound for milking sheep and making cheese, containing remnants from the 1st century), we proceed to the glacial cirque of Pessons, which is the largest in the country. There are about fifteen lakes, all connected by rivers and streams.
We park the vehicle at the first lake, and we invite you to go on a walk which, as well as involving no difficulty at all, is perfectly suited to discovering the lakes, rivers, flora and fauna of this favoured place.

For lunch, we invite you to a picnic or to eat in a restaurant next to the Pessons lakes.

From 142,00 €

Additional services available

Picnic 30,00 €
Service de trasnport privÚ 100,00 €
Cook service 180,00 €
Massage 100,00 €
Second night 95,00 €
yoga guide 100,00 €
Day guide 150,00 €

High-mountain fishing & A stay in a borda
An outing with a fishing guide. We go lake and river fishing with you.
High-mountain fishing & A stay in a borda
Mindfulness & A stay in a borda
Yoga and meditation at the Borda Jaume: connection is guaranteed.
Mindfulness & A stay in a borda


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