Glamping in Andorra

Our mountain lodgings are located in the Grau Roig sector of the Grandvalira resort (Andorra). It is the only sector of the resort that does not have a residential area and stands out for its landscapes, some of the most spectacular and wildest in Andorra, which make it the most unspoiled sector of the resort.







About our accommodations

Nestled in the stunning Grau Roig sector, within the majestic Grandvalira resort in Andorra, Epic Andorra by Grandvalira redefines the mountain accommodation experience. This special corner, devoid of a residential core, immerses you in spectacular and wild landscapes, making it the most unspoiled place in the entire resort.

What is glamping?

The term "glamping" fuses the comfort of luxury accommodation with the adventure of camping in the wilderness. At Epic Andorra, this experience is elevated to new heights, combining elegance and comfort with the natural beauty of the Pyrenees. Are you ready to explore a unique style of accommodation?

Exclusive mountain accommodations

From cozy domes to luxuriously equipped tents, Epic Andorra offers a variety of accommodation options that immerse you in the beauty of Grau Roig. What will be your refuge in this mountain paradise?

A glimpse at Grau Roig, the Virgin Heart of Grandvalira

Discover why Grau Roig is Grandvalira's best kept secret. Its unexplored landscapes and serene atmosphere make this sector the perfect place for those looking to get away from the conventional. Do you dare to explore the unspoiled heart of Andorra?

Unique experiences in nature

From hiking to outdoor activities, Epic Andorra gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the surrounding nature. What experience would you like to live during your stay in our glamping?

Why choose Epic Andorra by Grandvalira?

Epic Andorra is not just a place to stay; it's an experience. From the prime location to the attention to detail in every accommodation, discover why we are the perfect choice for those looking for more than just a place to rest.